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The 4 Week Success Program 

We will lead you by the hand in getting you where you need to be, on the right path to a successful and profitable business.

This is what you will achieve in the 4 weeks working with us:

This is what you will achieve in the 4 weeks working with us:

Personal one 2 one zoom support meetings

Get the personal support you need, face to face with us both. As your mentors, we bring our unique skills and experience that will prove invaluable to your start-up.

Make your business idea a reality

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want to do or need to brainstorm to discover your dream business niche. We will make this an exciting first stage!


Business planning and financial support

We will work through your business plan, looking at your niche in the market, how to achieve your financial forecast and guide you on how to get financial support.

Corporate identity and business image

An important aspect of your business! In a competitive world you need to stand out and be memorable to your customers. With our expertise you can’t fail!

Domain name and website planning

We have expert knowledge and 25 years of experience in web development and SEO. We can guide you with choosing the right domain for your niche to stand out!

Setting up social media platforms

As social media management professionals, we know what it takes and how important to the success social media is to your business is. Rest assured your in safe hands!

Expert marketing tools and tips

 This is where we excel! We have tried and tested every marketing avenue, including free routes to promote your business and the paid ads that actually work!

Valuable resources for your business

We have a huge catalogue of business resources that will be invaluable to the daily running and the tried and tested routes to financial success for your business. 

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We look forward to starting this exciting 4 week journey with you. In our first call we will evaluate all the information we need to develop this course structure around you starting your new successful business.

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The best things happen when you step outside your comfort zone...Start today and think where you could be in 12 months time!

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Sign up  for a 60-minute zoom power hour consultation, there is a fee of £35, but this could give you the courage you need to help you feel confident about starting your own business.

We understand that sometimes we all need a little help to take that leap but also remember why you want this! it’s that passion for a successful business that brings you freedom.

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